The Team

The radiologists


Through the partnership of Clinique La Colline with ID Imagerie & Développement, we simplify your life and you will have the benefit of innovative solutions.
Your radiological examinations can be performed at the Institut d'Imagerie Médicale de la Colline, located within the Clinique. Associated to the Centre de Imagerive, ID Imagerie et Développement is equipped with the best diagnostic tools.

The medical team consists of 11 radiologists and 18 medical radiology technicians each with extensive competence in musculoskeletal examinations, which include:

• Radiographs : the basic technique for a first approach to the majority of joints, the control of fractures (operated or not) and prostheses.

• The MRI : The most powerful and efficient for studying certain joints, depending on the pathology sought (bone, cartilage, meniscus, tendons or ligaments) and to seek the indication of a surgical treatment. An intra-articular injection of contrast may be necessary to obtain a more precise analysis of these structures (arthrography coupled to a MRI called arthro-MRI).

• The CT scanner : is mainly used in orthopaedics to study fractures, to make assessments before implantation of prostheses. It is sometimes coupled with arthrography (arthro-CT) to study certain joints as a substitute for a MRI or when very detailed information of the calcified component of the bone structure is also necessary.

• Ultrasound : this technique permits the study in real time of the superficial soft tissues bordering the joints, tendons and the muscles ...

• Infiltrations : this is the injection of a therapeutic substance, in general usually containing cortisone, in the immediate proximity of an anatomic structure, in order to treat a condition and to relieve the symptoms. This can be done by guiding the path of the needle using radioscopy, ultrasound or CT, when the prescriber deems appropriate.

The arthrograms (usually preceding a MRI or CT scan) and ultrasound are performed directly by the radiologists.