The Team

The anaesthetists


If your treatment involves surgery, you will meet your anaesthesiologist before the day preceding your operation. You will be notified of your appointment by the Reservation/Admission Department of the Clinique La Colline.
During this visit, you will discuss the modalities of the anaesthesia as well as the course of your stay in the operating room.

All the anaesthesiologists working at the Clinique La Colline are holders of the Swiss Federal Diploma with specialization in anaesthesiology and are members of the Fédération des Médecins Suisses [Federation of Swiss Doctors].
In constant contact with your surgeon and the health care team, they work to remove or minimise the pain during and after the operation, in conditions of optimal safety.

Meet the team of La Colline Anaesthesiology Centre :

  • Dr Annette Bettoni 
  • Dr Jérôme Goncerut 
  • Dr Anne-Christine Hoffmann 
  • Dr Jean Houriet 
  • Dr Bernard Jenelten 
  • Dr Nicoline Kooger 
  • Dr Raphaële Neuhaus
  • Dr Sonja Saudan 
  • Dr Alexandra Seite 

To learn more about the Fédération des Médecins Suisses: