Insurance and care


Whether or not you have insurance and regardless of that insurance consultations, outpatient care and outpatient operations can be performed at the Colline - Centre de Chirurgie de la Main et du Poignet. These services are charged at the "Tarmed" tariff in the same way as the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG).
Anyone can consult this tariff at and it includes all the services chargeable by the doctor in the following cases:

  • Illness (LaMal, the law on health insurance)
  • Accident (LAA,the law on accident insurance) LAA entered into by the employer on behalf of the employees
  • Congenital disability incurred after a long term illness (AI, invalidity insurance)


Administrative data

During your first consultation, it is imperative that you provide all the information required for your reimbursement by the insurer(s):

  • Type of insurance cover relating to the care in the Clinique, private or semi-private
  • Name of the insurer
  • Address of the insurer
  • Policy number


Please bring with you your insurance card to your first consultation.

So that your insurer can reimburse you and your loss of functioning can be taken into account, do not forget to declare your accident as soon as possible to your insurer