Clinique La Colline



Hirslanden Clinique La Colline
 is member of Hirslanden Private Hospital Group, who gather over 100 centres of competence and specialist institutes as well as a broad range of medical services - that's the . Your health is the prime objective of our 2'100 doctors. 
The clinic has private rooms exclusively, and you will are welcomed in a comfortable setting.

The clinic has six operating rooms which all meet the latest standards and where surgery can be performed. In addition, the clinic is home to several Competences Centres making possible the overall management of patients:

The Clinic
Luxury hospitalisation and ongoing health care services.
Outpatient hospitalisation

The Medical Centres

The Medical Analyses Laboratory

The Radiology Centre

The Emergency Centre

Check-Up Department - Executive & International Medical Services


Our facilities and services make things easier for you at the day-to-day level, allowing you to benefit from innovative solutions and giving you access to all the services you need in one place.