Ergotherapy is a health care profession which aims to reduce or restore any situation of functional disability of a person.

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By using specific skills of assessment and of treatment, the ergotherapist specialised in therapy of the hand offers therapeutic interventions to restore the function, reversing the progression of a disease or preventing the dysfunction of the upper limb. Our services include the consultation, assessment, treatment planning, interventions and the follow up in order to maximise optimal recovery of the affected limb. Our objectives are to promote the resumption of the daily activities, the resumption of sporting activity and a rapid return to work.

The means of treatment:

  • Functional exercises
  • Passive mobilisation by the therapist or on mobilisation apparatus
  • Massage and treatment of scars and trophic disorders
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • Management of the pain
  • Manual therapy
  • Treatment of sensory disturbances (hypo - hypersensitivity , allodynia )
  • Therapy by motor imagery
  • Training and recovery of the speed, the address (dexterity), resistance and force
  • Advice on postural ergonomics for every day, professional and sporting activity
  • Advice and suggested exercises for when at home, teaching of joint protection and economy
  • Relearning athletic movements
  • Creation of splints to protect a joint, implement an immobilisation and restore a function