Insurance and care



The hospitalisation regime applies to a patient when he/she spends a first night in a bed

We strongly recommend that you make yourself aware of the general conditions when entering into complementary insurance. In many cases patients believe that they have a complimentary insurance covering hospitalisation in private or semi-private rooms when in fact the complimentary insurance taken out relates to other categories of care treatment not covered by the compulsory health insurance (basic insurance).

The Reservation Department of the Clinique la Colline systematically checks with insurers the actual insurance cover of the patient before his/her operation if this is planned. In respect of urgent hospitalisation admission outside the working hours of insurers, it is not possible to do this checking process and therefore, if the cover is not adequate, the costs are payable by the patient.

In case of intervention followed by a hospitalisation

In the case of an accident and for employees, it is the LAA insurance contracted by the employer which is responsible for the costs of treatment and of hospitalisation in the Clinique. However, just as the Clinique, the surgeon is able to ask for additional fees, on a case by case basis and according to the operating availability. If you have a supplementary accident insurance, this will cover the additional fees and will avoid you being subject to a waiting list or to limitations on the services offered by the Clinique.

Basic health insurance only not permitting hospitalisation in the Clinique

In the canton of Geneva, the cantonal grant enabling patients having only basic health insurance cover to be hospitalised in a private clinic is subject to a quota. A set number of patients can benefit from this grant in accordance with the DRG model (Diagnosis Related Groups).

The conditions of hospitalisation and the waiting times for these patients are different in the Clinique to those having a supplementary insurance.

Those patients having this insurance (private or semi-private insurance) have a free choice of their doctor as well as the Clinique and can choose the date of their operation.

In every case your surgeon is obliged to inform you of the conditions of your insurance coverage during your hospitalisation.

The request for guarantee will always be made by the Clinique before your hospitalisation.

Assignment of receivables

If you wish that your insurer pays your invoice directly to the centre, we can address it directly to your insurer provided that you have signed an assignment of receivables (a form is available at our reception).